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Quote originally posted by jdthebud:
Thanks. I actually hardly ever go to the main page at all, my bookmark is on the Challenge page :D.

So here are the Challenge Results for those who don't feel like going over there:


Most Creative Challenges: LaureTheLoner (8)
Challenge Chugger: Myrrhman (5)
Monotype Obsessed: jdthebud (5)
Nuzlocke Obsessed: Zaroas (5)
Challenge of the Year: jdthebud's Monocolor Challenge (4)
Swabiest Swablu: jdthebud (5)

I feel honored, you guys. Thanks for voting for me!

Also, some poll winner/runner-ups featuring challenge regulars in the spoiler:


Best Signature
Whether it be Umbreon or love letters to her pairs, Sydian's signatures are dubbed the best.

1. Sydian (5)

Favourite Moderator

3. Razor Leaf (9), Sydian (9)

Favourite Male

3. Shining Raichu (6), Razor Leaf (6), GolurkIsDaBomb (6)

Pokemon Gaming Central

Most Helpful for Metal/Color Gen: vaporeon7 (3)
Generally Helpful: vaporeon7, PlatinumDude, Hikari10, Sydian (1)
Most Interesting Posts: Sydian, MiTJa, XanderO, ninjagon (1)

Battle Center

Most promising new user: GolurkIsDaBomb (2)

Trade Corner

Classic Breeder of the Year: NecrumWarrior
Most Likely to Collect Thirty of the Same Pokemon: NecrumWarrior

Black and White

Most creative thread ideas: GolurkIsDaBomb (3)

Other Voting Polls

Most frequent user in Dear Anonymous: Sydian (6)

Member of the Year 2012
And the winner is...

Abnegation (5)

Runners Up: MidnightShine (4), GolurkIsDaBomb (4)

Here is a link to the full thread.

Congrats to all the winners, you guys certainly deserve it. I'm gonna try to make 2013 a better challenge year for myself, so maybe I'll be on par one day. probably not but eh


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