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Location: Pallet Town, Kanto
Gender: Male
I am at Lv. 29.
The avenue name is PKMN Ave (Most creative name ever)
I have 359 Recommended or Invited
I had three Gym leaders visit (Clay, Burgh, and Marlon)
Current ceiling color is Aurora Purple
I have one of every shop, including Flower Shop, Nursery, Cafe, Raffle Shop, Market, Dojo, Beauty Salon, and Antique Shop.
All of the shops are at Lv 10 except for the Nursery and Antique Shop which are at 9

Awesome Avenue isn't it?

Edit: I looked at all the other posts and I found out I have the highest rank in this whole thread! I guess no one can surpass me!

You may also call me Blue or Green, your choice, however, I prefer for you not to make a big deal out of my name.

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