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Quote originally posted by Unforgettable:
Guns by themselves don't kill people. people kill people and if they want to kill someone badly enough they will with or without gun laws. owning a gun is my right as an American citizen and my right. shouldn't be taken away. What brought all this on was sad and broke my heart but guns aren't the.issue here. People are the issue.
I hate this line of logic. It should be changed to this: "Guns don't kill people, but they make it easier to kill people". I mean what other use does a semiautomatic weapon with extended clips/magazines/whatever have? Those are meant to give you the highest ratio of killing something. It should be a requirement for anyone that uses this tired expression to explain how guns don't make it easier to kill people (Without relating it to how cars and knives can kill people because those serve a valid everyday purpose for most people.)

Hell I'm not even anti-gun (I think hunting rifles and like a pistol for personal protection is fine) it just gets frustrating when people refuse to address an issue.
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- Prime Function Aki Zeta-5, "The Fallacies of Self-Awareness"
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