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Quote originally posted by awipe1:
When I applied Jpans hacker, I got a problem in a few of my maps.
In AdvancedMap, when I went to the events tab, the map was gone; Like I can't see the map in the events tab, but I can see the map in the other tabs. I am not able to put new events in on those maps anymore. Anyone know a way to fix this?
The problem wasn't very hard to duplicate or fix. First, you open your ROM in A-Map, click the 'Events' tab, go down to where it lists the events(Person, Signpost, Warp, Script). Change the '0' next to these to any number you like, and click 'Change events'. The screen will still show no map, but have no worries, as that will be fixed in a moment. Press Ctrl+S, making sure everything is saved, and close out of A-Map. Now, reopen your ROM in A-Map, and open the 'Events' tab again. Your map should show now. The events you previously created will be sitting in the top left corner of the map. Just click them and drag them where you want them to be.
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