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Quote originally posted by Harlequin:
I'll spare you the effort and say that Taken 2 is not a movie you really want to see. It's almost a remake of the original Taken, the plot is so similar. Though that's not really my grievance with it, if it's not broken, then don't fix it, yes? My problem with it is that the performances by the cast left something...missing, it looked tired. Neeson actually looked more youthful as the film went on, don't ask me how, but yeah, the film was lacking. Save yourself the energy and watch Die Hard instead.
Well that's a disappointment.

Speaking of Die Hard, I've been reading up on A Good Day to Die Hard, the newest installment in the series set to be released February 14th, and while it seems like it'll be a somewhat refreshing addition to the series, when was the last time there was not a terrorist plot or something similar set in Russia? Something inside me wishes that focus would be shifted to another part of the world, perhaps somewhere that isn't completely predictable. But I guess that would take effort. Nevertheless, I'm considering going to see it when it comes out.