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I tried the Spin offs but not much luck wasn't a fan of them except the one on 64 with the camera, I thought that one was fun. My Favorite was Soul Silver. I like the fact that the pokemon followed you, just thought it was neat. I would really like to see a remake of RSE series and have the pokemon out to follow you and fingers crossed a True 3DS version of the game. But then again I been wanting a Massive Multi Game cross bread for the Wii, like SoulSilver had Kanto and Johto in it. I would like to see one that has all the lands included but I know will never happen. Another thing was Seeing a MMO for Pokémon, but then again there goes my mind into overdrive cross breeding games together lol. Favorite Pokémon is Def. Eevee and it eevelutions can't wait to see a Dragon or Ghost Eevee( being thoses are my two fav. Types.) I posted in the Quick Trade post thingy for the few pokemon I am looking for right now, I was thinking about buying Pokémon Black 2 because I let my one of the kids on my block use my game to get me a Pikachu and it came back with all the pokedex filled and I can't log on to Pokémon Dream thing anymore... =( oh well, it helped me with my trading I just have no clue how he did it or how to fix it.
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