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I've got 16:37 on the clock in my current Red Version save file (on GBA Player), which was the autosave after defeating the Elite Four. 15 Pokemon Caught. My party:
Jolteon (LV53) - hero of the E4.
Charizard (LV41) - Never chosen Charizard before, so thought I'd give it a try!
Pidgeot (LV41) - Hardly used in the E4, sadly! Not much use for Flying types in Gen I after Erika...
Dugtrio (LV43) - Love the speed on this bad boy.
Lapras (LV48) - Ice beam got me past Lance.
Hypno (LV45) - never used Drowzee/Hypno before this playthrough; a pleasant surprise!
Pokemon Tragic. Own games from every generation. Love a good chat!
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