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Hey Raaa <3, welcome to PC! Ahh, I admire you greatly for playing every generation, I've only played the later ones XD;, although it'd be brilliant to play some of the older ones and see how Pokemon was back then. A full 4th Gen Pokedex? I could never do that, I don't have the games required to catch some Pokemon and it'd take a lot of effort and since I can get rather slack sometimes that sort of task would be almost impossible for me XD;, so I tip my hat off to you!

Everybody's already directed you to some amazing sections <3, I suggest you check the guidelines thoroughly before posting. The In-Game Team Help section, a sub-forum of Battle Center, will get your team rated and improved to its fullest potential by some of our experienced users, who are friendly and always ready to help :3. I think you'll love it there!

Also if you ever need help filling out any other Pokedexes, you can check the Trade Corner for some amazing fair offers. I promise you it isn't any unfair trades like a shiny Kyurem under Level 9, you'd be stunned <3, so if you wanted a Bagon early or some other Pokemon that's your one stop :3!

You can call me Rainbow if you like :D, I'm always open for a chat so if you want to talk feel free to drop a VM <333. Have fun at PC and I'll see you around alright?
I'm not using this account anymore! I'm now
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. :p
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