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Originally Posted by Sinstroke View Post
Hello All, Names Sinstroke. Go by Sin or Sinstroke, not just Stroke please. First time forum user, long time Pokémon player since Red and Blue on the Brick lol. Currently Playing between SoulSilver again and the New White 2. Always looking for new Trade partners and People to help me improve my battle style.

Pokémon White 2 FC: 0906 0928 4904
Hi Sinstroke, and welcome!

I know how hard it is joining a forum, but thankfully we're here to help ensure your stay is a good one. Most people have suggested the Trade Corner and Battle Center, but given you're also playing White 2 and SoulSilver you should check out the Black 2 & White 2 section, as well as Fourth Generation Games. Both have really good discussions you can take part in. There's also a Pokemon Showdown server located in Battle Center where you can battle and chat with fellow PCers. I go by Hikari10 or OshyHikari on the server if you're looking for me!

And just like Cirno said, we don't have a Friend Code Exchange Thread due to spam reasons, so signature is the best place to put it and that way everyone can see it. I've only been battling for 2 months now, and the server is really fun, and you'll definitely love PC for all the edge it has over other forums of its kind.

Have fun here, and feel free to ask me, or Cid or Cirno if you have questions!

- Hikari10
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