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My Wii is messed up right now, it won't read any discs, so I can't play AWL right now(and a friend borrowed AnWL years ago and never gave it back because she never came over again -__-). But for some reason I'm receiving an error whenever I try to purchase something on the Store, so...guess I just have to wait.. '__'

Yeah I do wish you could do more with the dogs and pets. In AnWL you could train the dog, but even that was kind of ehh. I did like that there were a bunch of pet choices in ToT, especially the weasel, since I have a brown ferret in real life :P I'm not sure what else exactly pets would be good for, but...I hope one day they might get some more features!

Lately I've had no choice but to learn more about crops, since I need the cash to get my animals xD On my latest AWL file, I was messing with Tartan to get S-crops, which was really good. I haven't tried getting any of the weird hybrid crops, yet, though. On ANB I've just been growing in a single field over and over to get some extra money.