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When the Gen V games came out i couldn't have cared less because most of the Gen IV games were a bit stale for me.I also was one of the haters of Gen V when it came out but somewhere along the line i realised i hadn't actually played it and i gave White a shot and to be honest it blew my mind.It was definitely the right step to take to revive the franchise again.I have played the older Gen game and can understand the nostalgia it gives but if GF were to only use the first 151 pokemon i doubt there would even be a Gen III, this forum would probably be dead, I would probably be doing something productive but thats beside the point.What i'm trying to say is if you'd rather only have the older Gen games rather than Gf making new ones with new pokemon,new features, etc. maybe you didn't like pokemon to begin with and only like the older Gens because of the nostalgia it gives.

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Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen are excelent but lavander town sucks White 2 and Black 2 have horrible music their graphics are tacky aand I actualy BURNED mine
You burned the cartridge just because you didn't like the music?That is just insane.You could've just hit the mute button or mail the game to me instead of burning it down.
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