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My first challenge (and iirc, my first post? Signed up and then left for a while ) So let's see how this goes! I've decided to go for a starter type to make things easier for myself with catching and whatever. I also need to purchase a copy of Black, but that probably won't be for some time yet :D

FIRST UPDATE: So, started on Blue, obviously picked Squirtle, bought the Magikarp off the guy in the Mt. Moon Pokecenter and trained that up. Went on with those 2 for a while, forgot where to find the old rod, so had them up to getting Eevee, which I immediately evolved to Vaporeon. Then got Lapras off the bloke in Silph. Just beaten Sabrina and about to move onto Cycling Road. Moves are pretty standard, although Gyrados has T-bolt, Vaporean Ice Beam and Blastoise EQ, so got some fairly decent coverage. Not had any problems yet.

Steve the Gyarados: Lv 41
Bob the Blastoise: Lv 40
Len the Vaporeon: Lv 40
Gerald the Lapras: Lv 29