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Gau pondered Willow for a moment unsure on her emotions... fear? anger? excitement? He didn't know and was concerned about how to respond... but this was his purpose in life now wasn't it?
"It looks like something is going on involving life keepers, something about pokemon who aren't supposed to be there showing up all over the city and strange people moving about". Gau continued to explain as best he could but at this point in time he was too busy trying to work out how exactly his new friend, and seemingly travel companion, was reacting to this news. He was really unsure how he felt, really he was unsure how he felt. He looked at the metallic watch-like object on his wrist and sighed. Gau was not afraid to die, he'd never really been anything in his life so losing it wasn't something that scared him, but he couldn't help but feel saddened that he would possibly be dead in the next few days after he had finally made friends and gotten a pokemon, needless to say it was going to be very interesting how events unfolded. Gau proceeded to get Teddiura back from the nurse and waiting at the door for his friends. He wasn't used to taking action like this, and was unsure of how to proceed, but he knew he had to.