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Homestuck has gotten really popular lately so I recognized your username almost instantly. I've personally never tried it but seems like a lot of people are pretty addicted to the series, so perhaps it's worth reading sometime! What would you say makes it good? I like to know some of the positive points before trying something and am pretty clueless when it comes to Homestuck. D: Anyway, welcome to PC, Stride, and it's wonderful to meet you!

A lot of those Pokemon you listed are some of my favorites too, so we have a good bit in common off the bat already. :3 Meganium especially is a really awesome grass type and makes a pretty good wall in the game, so it was just so hard not to choose it as my starter in HeartGold haha. Which Pokemon game are you playing right now? Tried the fifth generation yet, out of curiosity? You will probably enjoy the myriads of Pokemon discussions here, especially our Current and General Pokemon Discussions, which encompass all the games from the oldest to newest generation, as well as spin-offs like Mystery Dungeon and trading/battling. There are a lot of people posting all around that part of the site (as well as PC as a whole, really) so you'll meet a looot of friendly faces! <3 I can go on and on, but it's best if you explored around for yourself to see what we have to offer here.

But yeah, like Cid said, the Homestuck club fell into a pit of inactivity a few months ago, sadly. But that should also mean you're eligible to create your own, so hop on over to Other Clubs and read the rules for making a club if you're interested! Get those Homestuck fans together! :D Perhaps I'll even be joining the club sometime soon once I try it, too.

I'll end this by saying I hope you have a wonderful stay on PC and had a splendid holiday! You're always free to contact a staff member if you're confused about anything and we'll get back to you soon. Feel free to message me if you want to chat, too. See you around~
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