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My love for this series started when I played the first one at my friends house fr the first time. He'd had it for awhile and I was instantly better at it than him, which is always a turn on. I love being good at great games (#NotDarkSouls).

While I play both on XBox 360, I don't play online because: 1- I let my Live account end and haven't payed yet. And 2- I just don't like playing online. But if I ever do decide to get back on Live, I'll be monkeycorn129.

Anyway, I love this series because it adds the aspect of humor that most if not all FPS's are missing. Also, I'm downright horrible at FPS's, except this series is very noob friendly. It takes away the ragequits that would be happening if it was a typical shooter. The character building aspect is very interesting because there are many possibilities for your play style. This series has the most graphic appeal to me. It's not too goofy as to where it is like a child's game (I assure you, it isn't), yet not too gorey and bloody as to where it makes you sick and gives you nightmares.

All in all, this is a great franchise and it should expand until there is no room to expand further. #I LOVE ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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