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Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
Related to those poisonous wings of Michaela's daemon... @Skymin, if our daemon was, say, a digimon or something else with "powers" that came without items, would we be able to use them in CLOUD? I thought not, since I think it should be fair regardless if you made a human child or a Blastoise for a daemon. So?
A default daemon with no items equipped has no 'powers'. To attack in the MMO part of the game, you need to equip items and such (or you could use your 'bare fists' but it does crap all damage). For instance, if you wanted to have a Blastoise as a daemon, Pokémon would have done a deal with CLOUD to make that possible. Then, you'd have a giant, blue turtle default. Then, you'd have to equip an item (let's call it a "Cannon Shell") for the body, an item for the claws and a magic accessory for the water 'magic'. Plus extra items for each element (if you wanted ice as well).

So, you have the potential to make a Blastoise with a bird for a body instead of a turtle.

Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
Though I'm not the GM, I'd imagine that the game would have some form of auto-balancing feature for such things.

Poisonous Wings, for example, could take up the "shoulders" slot on the character, and they get powered up with each level instead of wearing a cape/cloak/something. To compensate for not needing the majority of the loot they'd win, they'd get a tax on their gold earned.
I had two ideas for items and characters.

The first idea was that you've got slots. So yeah, a shoulder slot, head slot, face slot, body slot, over body etc etc etc. Like you would in any normal game.

Second idea was slots PLUS armour vs weapon points. Each character, depending on level, would have a certain number of weapon and armour points (which would depend on your level/stats) that they could use, as not all held items could be weapons. For example, Michaela's character. Those wings would take a shoulder spot, like you said. Then, because they're super OP, would have a really, REALLY high weapon number and a really high armour number. So, she could only equip the wings as a weapon and maybe one other, low numbered armour. Then, she'd be maxed out and couldn't equip anything else.

Although, it would be possible to equip something and nullify the points it uses if its a decorative item only.

Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
While physical might could be balanced by screwing the laws of physics. If one makes a three foot tall fairy focused on melee, they would be able to defeat a ten-foot-tall golem focused on melee, so long as they're a higher level. Whether through Speed/Evasion/Whatever stats they use.
Melee is very much based on stats. As damage is dealt in points (everyone would have a certain amount of HP), if a tiny fairy was up against a golem and the golem had super crappy HP and defence, it would be slaughtered by a fairy that had high attack. If the golem had high evasion though, it might dodge all the moves and slowly get the fairy's HP down.

Though, I thought all this stuff was stuff I didn't need to include because it makes things really complicated and confusing and I thought people were going to just use things ... fairly. d:

EDIT: oh, the only place stats dont matter is the ACID arena. everyone's stats are equalised there to make fights fair. all based on skill.

Originally Posted by MichaelaTheUchiha View Post
FULL NAME: Aoyama Katsumi
Cool!! Accepted!

You really didn't need to include anything about not having organs because a. kids play too and when you hit someone, its not like blood and guts go everywhere. it's like a JRPG where sparks fly and a bunch of numbers pop up to say how much damage you've dealt. Also, if you're going to use those wings, they'd be fighting wings and incapable of flight.
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