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Quote originally posted by Miss Doronjo:
Saaaay would anyone like to at some point interact with my character? I'm sure bonding would be awesomeeee~
Of course! My dragon would probably find your cat a bit overwhelming but maybe they could become great friends eventually ^^

Quote originally posted by Skymin:
LEVELS ARE EVERYTHING!! Except in the acid/base arena.
pfft I'll use use chivalry and common sense and make the battle seem fair regarding our levels or something
Never bothered much with stats 8D But we'll see what'll be needed here, I guess.

Heh, now when there's no personality section on the SU, I find that I haven't completely figured out how I want to play Arakira yet. Maybe this is better than to decide the personality beforehand! Because now I'll just let her act from what I have thought up about her history. She should create herself when we start playing, is my plan. An interesting experiment ^^

Don't worry, I can probably handle it without turning into a too crappy RPer, teheh.

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