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-Kicked Surge's butt with Apple! ;D
-Ran over to the Rock tunnel to catch a Machop (Clay) to add to my team!!
-Went to Celadon and beat Erika.
-Went to the Game Corner to clean out Team Rocket.
-Headed over to Saffron to take on the Fighting Gym and obtained a Hitmonchan (Baxter).
-Went to Fuchsia and got the Good Rod. Then went the the guy's backyard to catch a Poliwag (Guppie)!!
- Trained him up on the Bike Path and the trainers in the surrounding area.
-About to take on Koga!!

My mini-journal up there is really vague and not too interesting ^-^;. But so much has happened since my last update and I was just trying to hit the highlights. Oh and I forgot to say that I also got the Charmander outside of Cerulean for my HM Slave. His name is M. I was going to name him Match but I hit the wrong button and his name submitted before I was done. ): Oh well!

Poliwrath (Guppie) - Lvl. 32

-Water Gun

Hitmonchan (Baxter) - Lvl. 42

-Comet Punch
-Fire Punch
-Ice Punch

Primeape (Apple) - Lvl. 43

-Seismic Toss
-Focus Energy
-Low Kick
-Karate Chop

Machoke (Clay) - Lvl. 42

-Karate Chop
-Low Kick
-Focus Energy


Working on HeartGold!