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Originally Posted by HyperXhydra View Post
It must be something big, maybe it's a new region close to Unova, including the Original dragon
I guess im one of the few that doesnt think thr original dragon is a plot loophole.
For instance drayden sais that the dna splicers and kyurem came to exsist around the same era as the dragonspiral tower and white and dark stone...
He even goes as far as to question if kyurem is some sort of husk or shell left from the original split...
With the newer games taking more of a realistic turn in mythology and archeology and the science of early creationism, an npc is not gonna come right out and say this is fact about this legend and yada yada
So gamefreak wants us to pretty much know that kyurem is a species
That they dont know alot about but is a part of the split of the original dragon
So imagine how strong black and white kyurem are right...
Now imagine the original dragons stats... single dragon typing with fire lightning and ice at its disposal
It would be overpowered...
Im not saying your idea is stupid...
Heck i dont care if its a floating region above unova
But four games in one generation of the same region
Is enough unova for me, i mean they also kind have already exhausted team plasma and the truth and ideals thing.
No more unova lol. I have my copies of all four unova games
I dont need 6 lol

I didnt mean to sound like a prick either just trying to input a friendly opinion
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