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Hi PC. I'm TheAlphaTeen. I am posting this to bring together a great group of hackers whocan help me make the greatest hacks ever(hopefully). Im not a skilled hacker more of a newbie tbh ,but my imagination for new pokemon games is endless. If the team works great together like I hope, we may do possible make the best hacks ever. For now, let's just focus on this project.

pokemon ?? - all 5 pokemon regions packed in one pokemon game, with the same storys,same starters and all 649 pokemon available to be caught

You wake up in kanto , its ur 11th bithday and u have finally decided to take on all have 5 pokemon region to become world champ and to actually catch them all.Travel to every region , witness remaked famous scenes ,become the Pokemon world champion

  • All 649 pokemon can be caught
  • All original gym leaders and elite four can be faced
  • All evil teams can be destroyed by ur might
  • Every region can be visited (kanto - current)
  • New starter every new region
  • Remade battle/cut scenes
  • Face the Battle frontier Brains
  • Face Ash Ketchem

P.S I am currently doing the johoto region but i have only done 2%

I need :

  • Scripter,
  • mapper,
  • title screen editor,
  • pokemon sprite inserter
  • Tile inserter
  • OW Spriter
  • Co-owner,
  • tile editor
  • Banner Maker,
  • future ASM hacker
  • World Map Editor
  • OW Spriter
  • Animation Editor
  • Battle Spriter

Application Form:
Time Zone-
Hacking Skills-
Skill level - (newbie , good , professional)
Contact information-
Proof of works(Optional)-
Past Projects(Optional)-

I really need a team ,so atm i will take anyone who has the skills and dedication to do the job