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Love how that guy got told about Junichi Masuda saying they'd rather keep Sprites over 3D models and he got defensive. I thought most of the fans have heard that. That and the "We don't want to make home system games" part since they were in the same interview.

I'm standing by the "Its a TPC Announcement so it isn't major" until the announcement airs. If it were a new main game, Gamefreak would announce it, not TPC. Gamefreak was always the ones to announce the games before, that and added that its an international announcement which hasn't been done before.

I do see some new marketing thing coming out, like maybe a new battrio that finally releases world wide or something to do with the TCG, but I can't bring myself to believe that this is a game announcement yet. Maybe after tomorrow's Smash update. If not, then I'll keep the nay say just to keep my hopes from being crushed.