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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
I never got to play after the main story, so no I didn't know about a mission with him. Still doesn't explain why he was in the netherworld with the main character.

for those who don't know, Hydregon is revived later on and joins your rescue team.
well, for starters, he's a ghossssst typeeeee

They're technically already all dead and stuff, so a trip to the afterlife and back is pretty simple for him


Anyways, I think I'm going to get this. Forget my computer and equipment, this is worth it :)

edit: okayyyy

I don't like the name…too "deep". Don't bring infinity into the equation Game Freak please? :) I liked the "Explorers of -----" formula…egh what can I say whatever gets them more money. -1

I don't like the fact that they have only 5 starters, iirc. -2 but then again I haven't played it, so w/e

I love Axew sooooooo much :3 worth is. -1

Also Oshawott so that's another bonus. 0

I've been waiting for another awesome story… 1

no moar Grovyle. sad :( 0

I guess Hydreigon as that character is cool. 1

Full 3D models? 2 yes grovyle. yes grovyle in full 3D and not just pixels.

AR? I guess that it's helping me get used to the 3DS. 2

Is Chun Soft still making this? 2

All in all pretty excited. 2! That's more than 1, my appropriate "approval" scale of new games. So I'm really excited!
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