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Originally Posted by Gideon Jeremiah View Post
I remember the first time I read it actually.
My grandpapa had a deal with me; if I read it through entirely in Sanskrit (Hindu along with German are my native tongues), & translated it into English "somewhat accurately", he would take me to visit our relatives every other weekend in Toronto.
It was absolutely worth it; I love the entire book.

Specifically Ch. 4 - verse 33;
The sacrifice of knowledge, O Parantapa, is greater than any material sacrifice. Knowledge is that in which all this action culminates (not any lower knowledge, but the highest self-knowledge & God-knowledge), O Partha!

Why thank you :D !
Mathematics are rather fantastic, but... I believe a career as a Linguist would be superior.
It's as comparing Noam Chomsky & Leslie Groves.
:o How exciting. Did you meet your end of the deal?
Me too, man. I read it more than I read my Bible >__> shh don't tell God.

I love the Gita philosophy on actions. Ooh, ooh, have you ever read The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran?

I'm sure you'd be successful in both fields. We can all do anything we want! I just didn't want to comprehend the Reimann Hypothesis. That's what I tell myself.

I hate to miss all these other posts but replying in edits never seems to work out.