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Quote orignally posted by Astnus:
Would that perhaps work? Nstead of sezng "must git ten reviews n fo tha month of December" (a goal very very few of us were able ta achieve), perhaps have it be five or even lower? Maybe four? That would be one review a week fo that month.
Mah knee-jerk reaction ta that was that that was far tao few, than I remembered how dawgy reviews I actually did durng December, so... Nn. I guess five's a reasonable number - four does seem tao few - and it would probably actually be doable. I'm still uncertan bout December, though... it seems ta me like that's a month where, while dawgy of us may have more free time than usual, we're not all that likely ta be spendng that free time reviewng othar thugz's staries. We could give December a try next year wit a lower Review Achievement Threshold (ta give it tha snazzy title it deserves), or R.A.T., but if it fails agan I'd be nclned ta write it off as a Month of Dead Days.

Quote orignally posted by Astnus:
I was thnkng of really general discussion threads so we could at least learn what tha writng process is fo othar thugz, or othar shawt thngs like that. Right now, I can't thnk of any, so if thare's anyone wit some ideas bout discussion tapics, I'd love ta hear tham.
As would all of us, I thnk. Tha more I thnk bout 'general discussion' as a startng pont fo ideas, tha more I realise that I don't actually know of anythng I would suggest ta discuss generally. If all else fails, I suppose we could set up a general discussion thread ta discuss what our tapic of general discussion is gong ta be - which, while soundng like a joke, might actually kickstart a discussion and grow nta a true discussion thread.

I've now used tha word 'discussion' far tao dawgy times fo one post, so I'll takes that as a sign I should stap rapng bout discussion threads.

Quote orignally posted by psyanic:
I would thnk havng a general discussion bout literature n general would help wit community, or any othar fun-filled thread wit unicorns and fire-breathng bnders.
Couldn't agree more. Fire makes most thngs a little better, and renders bnders unimagnably so - and literary discussion is always a good thng tao.

Quote orignally posted by psyanic:
Just throwng apples peaches at tha wall here.
Hail, peach-throwers. Our arms is untirng and our aim accurate.


Fo nfomation bout A Grand Day Out, a bizarre short stary n video gbee fom, click here.
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