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Quote originally posted by tronwert:
Hello im new in this and im wondering if anyone can pass me a working wild battle script please.
ive tried different ways this is one
#org $script
cry 0xA1 97
#raw 0x33
pause 0x30
message $cry
$cry 1 = Mew!
boxset 6
wildbattle 97 80 0
pause 0x70
fadescreen 0
removesprite 0x800F
setflag 0x1111
pause 0x10
fadescreen 1


There is a section in the very first post of this thread that provides exactly what you're asking for.

#dynamic 0x800000

#org @start lock faceplayer msgbox @1 0x6 cry 0x6 0x0 wildbattle 0x6 0x1E 0x8B fadescreen 0x1 fadescreen 0x0 hidesprite 0x800F setflag 0x200 release end

#org @1 = CHARIZARD: Raaarrgghh!

You'd just have to put in your own offset and change the cry and wildbattle settings to the Pokemon that you want. It would also help if you told us what doesn't work with the script. I'd recommend going back to the first post and re-reading what it says. also, it looks like you're using Pokescript or something similar? This thread is dedicated to XSE so you would be better off asking in the Script Help Thread.

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