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Quote originally posted by TwilightBlade:
@Razor Leaf: YESSSSS also yay more love for Maya! I just love how varied the areas are in BL2 – iced over areas, jungles/highlands, volcano, city, that annoying caustic place with a buttload of varkid… The team massively improved the scenery from BL1. So you managed to not play the first one yet, huh… You can go without playing the first one for sure , but the story writers really wrapped up a lot of things from the first one. The fall of Atlas and the opening of the first vault led to the rise of Hyperion and the mass-colonization efforts.
Ohhhh,really? Well I'll give it a shot then! Generally I don't tend to do too well moving backwards in game series because I miss features of the newer versions but still! I do actually have Borderlands in my Steam library so I was gonna play it anyway, just not got it downloaded yet.

Quote originally posted by TwilightBlade:
I picked up one legendary in my playthroughs so far, the Badaboom. This rocket launcher fires 6 rockets at the cost of 1 ammo. Pretty epic, right?

That's... insanity. Where did you find it? Did you farm for it or just randomly loot it?

Quote originally posted by TwilightBlade:
I gotta get to level 50... I stopped around Sanctuary on TVHM with Maya. I love getting guns from Michael Mamaril. I play the slots often too. I think I bum around Sanctuary wayyy too much. Hmm I guess getting to level 50 soon since Razor cannot be ahead of ME gives me something to do, but I love hearing what everyone else has to say too.
Heh, only after reading this did I actually think to find out who this Michael Mamaril was and omfg where have you been all my life. I'll definitely be spending hours farming him later today.

you've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
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