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I'm need help looking for pokemon to help make my team stronger.
Pokemon with a * means pokemon that i play to keep
ability: levitate
Hasty nature
hold item: leftovers
lvl 71
hp: 284
atk: 120
defense: 173
sp atk: 131
sp. def: 238
speed: 178
might changes moves to make her a dual screen
moves: light screen, toxic, moonlight, psychic

ability: serene grace
hold item: quick claw
Relaxed nature
lvl 89
hp: 293
atk: 106
def: 228
sp atk: 248
sp def: 243
speed: 181

moves: roost, air slash, thunder wave, aura sphere

ability: Flash Fire
hold item:???
Calm nature
lvl 68
hp: 219
def: 162
sp atk:196
sp. def: 194
spd: 119

moves: protect- might switch it, lava plume, stealth rock, toxic

Latias/latios- dont know which to use yet
Ability- levitate
hold items: ??? prolly life orb
1st stat or nature is latias's second stat is latios's
Jolly/Gentle natures
lvls 81/76
hp: 245/222
atk: 139/157
Defense: 150/121
sp atk: 195/258
sp def: 248/ 221
speed: 239/229

Latias moves: recover, calm mind, psychic, dragon pulse
Latios moves: Surf, recover, psychic, calm mind

Bold nature
lvl 40
hold item:???
Volt Absorb ability

atk: 90
def: 79
sp atk: 141
sp def: 71
speed: 109

moves: thunderbolt, volt switch, focus blast, and agility

I was also using a volcarona here's his stats
lvl 74
hold item: ???
Ability: flame body
Adamant nature

hp: 229
def: 101
sp atk: 219
sp. def: 189
speed: 202

moves: bug buzz, quiver dance, flamethrower, fly- gotta get around the map lol

Pokemon preferences for my team is accepted and i know my team is in disarray lol. But anything is helpful. Looking for a competitive team so I can make it to the top.