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Quote originally posted by TwilightBlade:
Dude! Nice legendary shield. I picked up one legendary in my playthroughs so far, the Badaboom. This rocket launcher fires 6 rockets at the cost of 1 ammo. Pretty epic, right?
You would've had a second if I didn't steal it first. ;)


Me and Blade found this beauty whilst nubbing around in The Fridge killing the Easter Egg boss there but I swooped it up before she had a chance to. As far as legendary weapons go it's not exceptional as the only extra effect it brings is that the "explodes when reloaded" trait comes with homing abilities and returns to you, but it's still pretty exciting to find one. The version I received was corrosive and had a level in the early 20s so it wasn't great for the time in the game but I used in nonetheless. The only other legendary weapon I've received was a drop from Knuckle Dragger whilst playing with Olli for the first time which once again I swooped up before he had the chance, and this gun was The Hornet.


The weapon is always corrosive with the legendary effect of firing either 5-, 10- or 15-round burst fire whilst zoomed (the Wiki lists it slightly differently but this is what I've found whilst using it) and it's generally just a really powerful gun. It was level 1 when I received it and therefore it's probably one of the worst versions you could get, but my character is now level 8 and still using it as a perfectly viable weapon so that goes to show it's a damn good gun for the stage that you can find it. I'm really hoping to find some more legendary weapons based on how interesting the ones I've already found are but I'm too lazy to farm them so fingers crossed for random drops!

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