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Sabamin, Eveamoor

Her recent job of killings made Eve lust for a celebratory dance. The sight of red crimson blood from her weapon made her remember how fun it was to turn that savage red into a blue delight for men and woman alike. Upon arriving, the atmosphere of Sabamin was no different than Yamcha, at least for Evelynn. She was busy dancing away in the streets, with no particular stage. She particularly does this for one thing in mind: to catch the hearts of men and women alike, for them to charm her way to their own money. It was funny - dancing became her profession after she learned how to combat, but she does not remember how. It just happened. As she continued dancing, a crowd started to form, and pass by to watch her. Perhaps from the sounds from her tambourine had gotten their attention, but who cares? They were there.

"Come my friends," Evelynn started to persuade. "Let the rhythm of harmony and tranquility ease the gruesome tensions from those cripple sheets you all encountered during your life - let Evelynn soothe your mind, your body, and your soul. However, be aware that if you especially want me to take extra care of your body, I'm afraid I'm all booked. Although, perhaps I can make an exception...?"

Coins started to pour from their pockets, just as Evelynn wanted. Even though Sabamin was probably no much different from Yamacha, the money here was perhaps even more adequate. Evelynn was delighted as she stopped dancing to collect her prize, and on to see a new one - a young man who strolled through the street. It was time, according to her, to make a quick 'hello'.

"Good morrow, my delightful young one," Evelynn introduced as she spun around once and bowing. She then rose up and touched the young mans chest as gently as she could with her index finger. "You sure do look like you pay close attention to your young physique... Evelynn is proud of you."

"I... must thank you, miss," the young man thanked quite confused from his recent encounter. "But um, may I help you with something?"

"Perish the thought!" replied Evelynn. "But, maybe I can help you? Old man's season must of taken a toll on your this last year. The bright and spectacular seasoned boy, you must not enjoyed company too. Here... just let me rub your shoulders. Gently hold still..."

"Miss, I implore you," the young man tried to convince. "I am appreciative of your... generosity, but it is not necessary!"

"Hahaha, I see," Evelynn said with a smile, as she stopped rubbing the young man's shoulders. She then had a close look at the boy. She closed her eyes with her smile as she stepped away. "Hark my young friend, I must apologize," she started to say. "I'm now just concerned for your well being. Upon closer inspection of your young prospect, well, you see, you remind me quite a bit of my brother - I believe he's around your age now? I do not know; I have not seen him these past months. Hahaha! But look at me suddenly telling you all these trivial matters; your a strong young man with quite a future on your head - please don't waste your efforts, yeah?"

"Thank you miss," the young man said with a bow. He then reached for his pocket, and took out a few gold coins. "I too know what it's like to not see your family for quite some time.. I don't have much money, but perhaps this can help you to see your brother again? Perhaps via a carriage, or something?"

"No, no, no, no," Evelynn smiled. "I don't need your money. Well, admittedly, it is quite tempting, but I do not need it. Your face was awarding as it is. Thank you. Hm...but you know what? Perhaps you can help me. My young friend, you have heard of the bar called the 'The Broken Keg' that resides in this town, have you not? Do you know the whereabouts of such a place?"

"It is just down the road here," the young man pointed out. "I hope I've helped."

"You did. Quite a lot," Evelynn said with a smile, as she spun again, and started to skip away. She then stopped to take a good look at her supposed 'victim'. "Happy trails, and may good fortune await you!"

Corner to comer in the street, the barrens of the slums on this city was unapparent to Evelynn, as she only sought out one task to perform. It was from a recent job that came about some time ago; that it must be quite a serious task to complete - that was to pay off very handsomely in the end, which was why Evelynn took the job with complete delight. When it was finished, she knew it was time for a celebratory drink with them. Plus, it was to get the chance to see the handsome and pretty young men and women that she dreamed of for ages - a chance for someone to whisk her away to a steady life full of riches. Soon her sights were set upon the bar she longed to arrive at: The Broken Keg. However thought about the name of this bar, must have some very good time on their hands, Evelynn thought, as she stepped inside.

Upon entering, Eveylnn smiled as she at last, met up with her faithful companions. As she spun one last time, she arrived at the able, with a cheerful wink towards the group. "Good morrow young ones, I hope I am not interrupting, nor I hope that I am not late," Evelynn said with a giggle. "I trust that each of you are well? If you are not, may Evelynn ease your pains at any time. I'd enjoy that deeply. Dependent of the body I'm dealing with, of course, hahaha."

She then turned towards the ravishing beauty that is Ava. "I believe you asked about recent killings? Well, that depends on what you mean. If you mean figuratively, then recently, I've killed and stolen the terrible tyrants of tensions for hundreds of people. They were... quite pleased indeed. If you mean kill in a literal sense, as you know, I suppose I had the unfortunate task of snapping the neck of a savage orc. He was savage, but... he had a family too, you know? So while I did kill the beast, I did it out of love; to put an end to his life quickly. I did not want his family to be left behind, but... I did not lady fortune to be disappointed either, so, wouldn't you know, I started to kill more and more of them. Out of love, of course."


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