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(Of course.)

Haha, I like it better when it goes one-two-three, like Hydreigon - however, Hydreigon did add a lot onto its previous evos unlike most of the other three-headers! For starts, it finally got a face! (However, the middleman, Zweilous, could have been a lot more interesting. It is just a bridge and it is disappointing!)

Oh god it's Lost Silver all over again. It's really interesting how designs match up with backstories - Pokemon or otherwise. Jellicent and Frillish really are, well, frilly and squishy/cute like real jellyfish. But real jellyfish are also a big problem as well!

This makes me think of something to try and get away those terrifying stories (which might be a good idea for a thread! :0). What do you think of Pokemon that are really closed to the real life animal (or even myth) they are based off of? I've already commented that I like more imaginative designs better (cough Durant! >:C). You? Or anyone else that wants to comment on this thread? (It's not just me and Gideon, guise.)

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