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Phantom Hourglass is really the only one I bothered to finish. My big gripe with Zelda is from the ones I play the exploration is boring and the padding and backtracking get so tedious for me. Of course I only played a few, and all of them are the 3D games. I got Minish Cap and the original on my 3DS, so I should give the 2D games a go. After Ocarina of Time, that is.

Also, playing that Pooh flash game and talking about Punch Out made me think about the hardest games I ever played. It's probably Punch Out (the original, not the Wii one), but I'm also curious about everyone else here.

Actually, while also speaking about sports game, is there a particular yearly sports series anyone plays here? I used to play Fifa back in the PS2 days, but now I'm into Baseball and hope MLB: The Show 2013 is gonna fill me for a realistic sports game.

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