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Im using Togepi/Togetic in my Heart Gold game and all i can is this: she's OP in the Ecruteak City Gym!Torhu (aka my Togetic) swept through the whole gym just using Metronome & Extrasensory (due to the fact that they only have Haunters,Gengars & Ghastlys).Speaking of move sets,I love using Metronome with my Togetic.The 1st time i used it,it made her use Fire Fang,then ThunderPunch the 2nd time.But then...ugh...Whitney's Clefairy was LUCKY.She used Metronome and it made her use Roar of Time!ROAR OF TIME!That's Dialga's signature for all I know!Now if Torhu can just make herself use Roar of Time,Special Rend or any Sinnoh signatures,my life would be complete!
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