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Quote originally posted by 1ninjadude1701:
umm I saw the ad in the RP discussion thread and wanted to see if i could reserve a spot if its not to late?
Not at all. Go ahead! :3

Quote originally posted by machomuu:
Sorry, school's been makin' posting hard. However, I will have my next post up today, sorry if this is hindering the RP -.-'
School should come before roleplaying, so don't worry about that. Unless you're interacting with someone atm, it's not hindering the others, but of course I want you to post ^^ Especially with your curious plot.

Quote originally posted by Miss Doronjo:
Here we go, hope it's acceptable!
omg yes. I really like her! Especially her avatar design. You are accepted and may start posting when you feel like it.
Krissu and Lux shall meet up at some point!


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