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Staying up late and then not wanting to wake up the next morning. That's a big one. I hate sleeping too late and that has happened most of the break. One night I was on Skype with a bunch of people and I was up till 4 and woke up at 12:30. Latest I've ever woken up. My grandmother was just like, "Oh it's the break and it's New Years Day, lots of people are doing that, so enjoy it!" XD

Eating fast food too. There is nothing to eat here except nasty leftovers or nothing at all, so I end up going somewhere to eat most of the time. That's why I miss living with my paw paw. I had my own groceries and I ate pretty well, while still being able to eat out at places and not feeling bad about it. I don't gain any of it really, but I still feel like I should be eating better. Like, I'm NUTS over celery and fruit, and I don't think anyone else here would buy it for me... :( Plus my mom stores most fruit in the fridge, and my teeth are sensitive, so me + biting into cold fruit = ;;

That's all I can think of though!

doesn't matter, cause you give me temptation
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