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Name: Kotowa Yamada

Nickname: Koto

Age: 13

Sex: male


Personality: Koto is quite withdrawn, and has reacted badly to mistreatment. This has left him in an unstable mental state on the verge of insanity. The gaining of his Houndoom has made him much more vicious, attacjking almost anyone he sees. He believes that everyone will hurt him, and tries to stay away from people. Most of the time he is aware of his surroundings, and is capable of a conversation, if you can get him to actually talk to you. Occasionally, hhe will drop into insanity, acting very much like a rabid animal. When in this state, Koto resorts to cannibalism, but avoids it when he's conscious. When he does get into a conversation, he tends to do more gestures than actually talking.

History: Koto grew up in Eterna City, and his parents resentfully raised him, only providing the basic nececities. He was almost always being chased through alleys by a group of teenagers (16-18). Koto soon grew accustomed to the backstreets, and started to evade pursuit more and more often. Once, he actually was chased out of the town, and had to live in the forest for a few days before the gang decided to give up on the chase. Instead of returning 'home', Koto ran in the other direction, eventually coming to Mount Coronet. Thinking that he could hide at the top, he climbed it. However, once he arrived, he was surprised to find a spire made of crystal, and a large cloud around it. But it wasn't a cloud, as Kasai later explained. It was spirits. Kasai joined with Koto. Of course, he was scared out of his wits with the change, and went mad for a few days before finally grasping what he had gained. He eventually went back to Eterna City, only to see the gang waiting for him. He tried to stand up for himself, but they too had spirits. Koto blacked out, and when he awoke, he was carrying a bloody body, and the rest of the gang was chasing him. He now continues running, never stopping, thinking that everyone he meets is one of them. He believes that everyone is trying to kill him.

-Species: Houndoom
-Nickname: Kasai
-Personality: Kasai is quiet, yet straightforward. He occasionally shouts insults at strangers, although only psychic type wielders can hear him. He is essentially a pyromaniac, and loves goading Koto into lighting something on fire. He finds Koto's mental state as a joke, and loves it when Koto dives into insanity. Kasai has helped with this, as he hasn't explained to Koto that he is a separate entity.
-Moves: Thunder Fang, Inferno, Crunch, Shadow Ball, Iron Tail, Flame Charge

Other: Koto never unfuses, as Kasai didn't tell him that it was possible. Also, when Koto speaks, it is unsettling, much like a Houndoom's howl

Opening Post: Koto ran through the forest. They were behind him, following him. They were going to kill him this time. He was sure of it. Dodge right. Jump over the rock. Oh no. They were closer. He came to a rock face, and pressed against it. He was so very dead. Yes he was. There was no doubt about that.

"Hey, kid! Where'd you go?" An older girl shouted out. She was close. Too close. She broke through the brush, and stopped. She was about his height, but so much more powerful. The spines protruding from her back, along with the large claws, betrayed her status as a spirit-person. Koto tried to dissolve out of existence, to no avail,of course. She spotted him, and slowly approached.

"Jeez, kid, calm down. It's not like I'm trying to kill you..." She said. Kasai scoffed and said, "That's what they all say. Screw off, spiney." Koto solemnly nodded and extended his claws.

"That... That is what they all say... Death... Blood... Fear..." Koto said, more to himself than the spirit-person in front of him. She cringed at his unsettling voice. Koto took a step forward.

"You... Want to kill... Me?" He asked, anger apparent in his dark tone.

"Listen, kid. I just want to know your name. Nothing serious. Just chill..." She said, fear creeping into her voice as Koto approached, exposing his fangs as a dog would.

Everything went dark.

Koto shook his head. No. He needed to run. Too late. The girls body lay on the ground, various chunks bitten off. Koto's eyes widened, and he took a few steps back. One more. He turned around and ran. Yes, they'd kill him this time for sure.
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