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@Lilizuki- Generally, most coins are without brands or insignias, as nations would be less eager to trade in them with other nations, especially if they are at odds with each other. Ethora, Falke, Eveamoor, Ellessar, Palaven, Raelus, Bredon, and Miracyia all share the same coins and currency rate. Mindirion and Vanaheim also trade in that system, but also have another, specific brand they trade in their own country.

Rastra and Shinguo do not share the use the same currency at all, although the outskirts and deserts of Rastra do tend to barter in the system, while the main city in the center refuses to use it.

@the warden- You are reserved.

@Miss D- Ok, cool.

Anyone else have any suggestions for mercenary names, either listed or unlisted?


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