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Placeholder. Finally got the time to work on this! :]

Full Name: Dwayne Hendrickson Knox
Date Of Birth: July 19th, 1994 (Nineteen Years Old)
Gender: Male
City and Country Of Residence: New York, New York, United States Of America
Appearance: (either written or a decent image or both)
Username: The1Compton-Knight
Current Level: 119
Guild: N/A
Accolades and Achievements: (anything your daemon has done in game that would be noteworthy. feel free to make up anything)
Daemon Appearance: Clicky clicky. There are a few things different about his Daemon though, so use the image as a reference please. Contrary to the image, Dwayne's Daemon is actually black, with the visible chainmail being a dark grey. And the crosses thrown about the Daemon in the image are replaced by C's in this font. And as a last little edit to the picture, all that is yellow in the picture, is white for Dwayne's Daemon.
Roleplay Sample
(please provide a sufficient sample, describing days up to and including the pre-annoucement. you may include how they heard the rumour, a conversation at school or work if they attend it, a quest or guild or social outing, etc. if you are planning on creating relationships that existed before the start of this roleplay, a joint post is perfectly acceptable. this is what i'll be using to judge whether you are accepted or not so please work hard on it! )
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