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Originally Posted by tronwert View Post
Brane... the problem is when i try to debug it, a box pops out that says
"error 13 type mismatch on line 8
missing #define or parameter
line:wildbattle 0x97 0x50 0x8B

here's the script:
#dynamic 0x800300

#org @start
msgbox @1 0x6
cry 0x97 0x0
wildbattle 0x97 0x50 0x8B
fadescreen 0x1
fadescreen 0x0
hidesprite 0x800F
setflag 0x1200

#org @1
= Mew!

I changed the offset, the cry and wildbattle :/
Have you changed the first two offsets in wildbattle to hex? I may be mistaken but that could be what's causing the script to fail compiling.
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