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Hi there,

I'm new to this forum although I've played a lot of hacks and followed this a while. I've started hacking myself, and already done some small things. There are so many tuts out there, I'm kinda lost... I'm hacking a Ruby game, and what I basicly want now, is to edit the main story line. The truck is cursed, I've accepted that. But I hope to achieve that when leaving the truck, you'll end up in Littleroot, which is fine, but then the whole Mom story needs to be changed. I found a script through AM where MOM talks to you the first time, and I'm using PKSV-UI as scripting program since XSE gives a Runtime error which won't be fixed, even after changing my DPI values (windows 7).

Sorry to be such a noob, I've modded some PC games before, but this is a bit more scripting. Main goal of this post: After the truck, I want my own scripts to start, not all the MOM/enter house/set clock scripts etc.

Thanks in advance, sorry for long post/wrong section maybe