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Quote originally posted by akshat4444:
I don't know if it's been corrected but in version 1.75 , if you use dig just outside the waterfall which hides mew, you get transported to rose town.

Also is there a requirement to catch mew ?
I am not able to climb the stairs leading to it. Something invisible blocks the way

Just try the newest version 2.03,I think you can pass the stairs now,but the bug about Escape Rope...I still haven't fix it.

Quote originally posted by pranoydstriker:
where we have 2 go after beating the third gym (redwood city) ? in version 2 ??????????

Go to Waterwave Path to battle Luke and Eva near the Stardust Fountain,they'll give you HM06,you can use it to break the rugged rock which blocks another passage in Mt.Skywall.

Quote originally posted by joselimon7:
hey i need your help.
i was playing pokemon victory fire v1.91 and i dont find a key in crystal villa, i have found cressalia but dont any key :/

You can get a key after you find and defeat a member of Dark Workers for four times,you can find him the first time in Redwood City.

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