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Originally Posted by elarmasecreta View Post
Okay, the ledges in your map are almost completely useless... Furthermore, half of the grass patches can be avoided as well. You can get through this map by just walking through 3 tiles of tall grass. you should force the player to walk through it.

I made a route similar to your's. Try comparing both maps.

You can see that the ledges clearly serve a purpose now, as they allow the player to backtrack without being slowed down by tall grass.
This map i like,

@ppooookkkkkkk, i dont like the tiles you're using, then again that is my personal preference. Still doesn't invalidate my opinion. Why does your map have those random patches of gray in the paths, and your ledges have no purpose like he said above. the ledges in the game were used to make it faster to travel from one place to the next when you had to back track... For example, going back to pallet town from viridian city.

EDIT: @elarmasecreta, I had no idea you explained the ledges purpose under the map.. haha

@Dradier234, I'm not a big fan of that map. You change the player's ground level(with the stairs), with no purpose other than to just make them do it. The randomly placed bushes seem to make no sense or fit the area, aswell as the flowers and rocks. everything in a map usually makes sense or is plausible but the middle dip seems to make no sense.. Also your mountains are too square, no mountain forms like that on multiple levels...
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