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Re-creating a nice old thread

Originally Posted by Gymnotide
ITT: Discuss.

How do you think the world came to be? Was there a void before the world existed, or has the world existed forever? Do you believe that someone / something created the world, or caused it to be? Do you believe that someone / something has made the world turn into what it is, or do you believe that everything is merely coincidence, or do you believe that there is no motivating force for the world to change, but it does so anyway? Do you believe in evolution? If not, how did the species of Earth come to be this way? Is there such thing as a "god"? Do you view the world as a reflection of divinity or merely in scientific terms (or both)? What does "world" mean? How far does your definition of "world" expand? What shape does the world take (...flat-earth believers welcome, grudgingly)? Is the world static or always growing? Do you believe in parallel worlds? Do you believe in a multiverse?
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