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Originally Posted by guraya View Post
I have some troubles using this tool. When I use this tool, I can't read pokemon name, skill name, and so on. Instead of the original name, there is e.g. "\HHFDF\~", very odd name. Is it hex code?
What should I do? I have finished updating "roms.ini" and I'm using Emerald(English).
weird. PM me a copy of your roms.ini

Originally Posted by DahDexy View Post
This tool is a lifesaver. Instead of having to download a whole lot of stuff, just install this and you already get the majority of it in a compressed style. There may not be all the tools you desire, but there is definitely, at least a few. Even if it doesn't have all the tools you want, you can add programs to this! Simply outstanding. Thanks Gamer2020!
Thank you.
I find it amusing how people my steal ideas and then claim to be the first one to do something.

A present to people learning to make ROM hacking tools. -

If you want a successor to PGE then download this:

If someone can create a Pokémon colosseum remake with graphics and scripting that are very appealing to my eyes I will help them with implementing actual shadow Pokémon.