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Hey Pokecommunity!
This is my first time making a shop. I am a beginning spriter, and have taught myself to make badges. I want more practice by taking requests. I do gym badges, not Pokemon Badges. Don't request those.

My badges are DPPt styled, and come in two sizes, 32x32 and 47x47. I only have examples of the 32x32 currently. You can get the badge with an outline, without, or both.

When I post a completed badge, it will have two images. The first being a double sized image, and the second being the actual size. They are separate images though. Use the smaller one always.

With Outline
(Please note the badges are doubled in size to see easier)

Without Outline
(Once again not the badges are doubled in size to see easier)

Request Form

Badge Size(32x32 or 47x47):
Description of Request:
Gym Type:
Badge Name(Optional):
Outline(Yes or No):

1. No more than two requests per post.
2. Use the request form or no badge.
3. I have the right to decline requests.
4. Don't ask where your badge is unless it has been over a week and you are top on the list.
5. Give Credit if used.
6. Don't use other people's requested badges.

Working On
1. ShadowMirror - Toy Badge
2. ShadowMirror - Bug Badge
3. DahDexy - Telekinesis Badge
4. DahDexy - Sharp Badge
5. -
6. -
7. -
8. -


Dradier234 - Crumble Badge

DahDexy - Frozen Badge

DahDexy - Infernal Badge

DahDexy - Phantom Badge

DahDexy - Critter Badge

DahDexy - Drago Badge

ShadowMirror - Luxo Badge (32x32)

ShadowMirror - Luxo Badge (47x47)

Nintendork15 - Death Badge

Nintendork15 - Mecha Badge

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