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Originally Posted by Kura View Post
I wouldn't say it was "better" just a different vibe because of the different people knocking around gave it a different sort of life I guess you could say? I mean.. think of all your friends here on PC and then just imagine if half of them left. Even if there were other cool people that came around, and it may still be just as fun of course, but it still would feel a bit different without those others there.
I guess maybe that's what people mean by it was better? I dunno. I liked it because the DCC used to FLOW with conversation every day.. and nowadays sometimes it goes stale, but heck it doesn't make the forum on a whole any worse IMO.
Every forum has its life cycle: starts with few people and as the time goes by, say for 2 years, it begins to take the shape of a more consistent and stable community. Time passes by and some members lose their interest, making the community stop its development. At this point, if there are no new members, the forum is doomed.

I can give you my example: I'm a member on a forum that is almost 7 years old and right now, because of the staff is so awful, every single person I met there is leaving the boards. 5 years ago I wouldn't think about the forum becoming so dumb, but the fact is that if you don't have capable people managing the boards, you're absolutely doomed. And let me tell you, fellows: you have been doing a remarkable and really good job here, don't letting this community die.

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