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A mystery story about a young boy from Kanto named Tom.

The Rise Of The Unknown Emperor


The farm was breezy. All was silent, nothing could be heard except from the calming wind and the quiet exhales from Tom. Tom was thirteen years old, but was not a Pokémon Trainer, nor did he ever fight a battle, but he knew how to make good friends with Pokémon. Some of these included numerous Butterfree, Eevee, and only one Dratini. You'd probably be thinking that he'd be going on his own journey soon, battling trainers dotted all over the region of Kanto, but this is not the case. He chose to stay at his parent's local farm to make a greater bond with his friends instead of facing the region to leave the farm for... Well, who knows?

Anyway, the farm he lived in was made out of logs, tightly wrapped together with firm ropes. The roof consisted of fine, long twigs that were also tied to the logs. In Summer, the family were satisfied with their home, but in Winter, they could hardly stand it, as they didn't have any heaters to warm up the house. As you might have figured out already, Tom's family was quite poor. They weren't the poorest family ever, but they couldn't afford everything an average family has. But, that didn't affect Tom at all, he was having a lot of fun with his Pokémon friends, so he was usually out for quite a long time everyday.

As you would expect, since they live in a farm, Tom's parents would be usually doing gardening. What they did was plant crops that surrounded the farm, and since they had so many, it would take them almost take about 4 hours of doing it. Unless, of course, Tom was willing to help them, so they all could finish the job significantly faster. Anyway, let's get back to the story...

The clock sounded. It had shown "12 PM", the time Tom usually goes out to see his friends. Tom always goes to the Forest that is near the farm. More specifically, he goes to the center, where a huge yet tender river greets it's travelers. All his friends resided there, so it was quite easy to go there without the huge chance of getting attacked defenselessly. As he usually does, Tom went to the forest and went to the gushing river. The river's current was fast, but the magnificent sight of a waterfall was actually right next to the river.

"Okay everybody! I'm back!" Tom shouted, as the entire set of Pokémon almost immediately rushed into sight. They all welcomed Tom and they started spending time together. What they didn't realise was that a hooded figure was standing on top of the cliff beside the waterfall, spying on them and silently walking away. What has just appeared could mean bad to not just the Pokémon, but Tom himself.

I've got to make my move... The hooded figure thought. At midnight I shall come back... He then quietly laughed, and disappeared into the forest. He was gone for now.

Tune in on Wednesday for Chapter 1. After Wednesday, I'll be making a Chapter every two days.
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