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Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
Hiya Rimskye, loving the username! Welcome to PC. =D

So do you make graphics/draw? Neat-o, do make your shop sometime since Art & Design is one of the best sections on the forum. Maybe I'm just being biased but it really is a great place. <3 Would absolutely loove to see your work! The section has become more lively lately thanks to awesome people like you who contribute. You'll definitely get a lot of feedback from other artists there if you create a gallery; PC has a handful of people who are pretty darn good at critiquing. Hopefully I can update my own art thread soon too since it has been a while since I added anything; pretty sure it fell out of the two-month inactivity period.

But ooh, Mario! Older Nintendo games were awesome even if I barely played any of them, haha. ;~; Maybe you can drop by the Video Games section too since it seems to cater to your interests, and I'm sure there are other fans of older games just like you! You should be able to find lots of other places that interest you here, especially since you appear to be a person with a lot of interests even outside art and games. You seem like a fun person overall as well, so have fun here, okay? You can always leave a message on my profile if you'd like to chat, I'd love to meet a fellow artist!

See you around and it was nice meeting ya. <3
Aww, thanks!~ I do believe I'll find somewhere to fit in.~ Thanks again, but my art isn't that good. " I'll post my thread soon.~

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