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Thomas Elias Brown
Oh no, I'm lost!!

Thomas groaned and rolled onto his back, staring at the sky. He panted hard, all too aware that he was all alone on an island, no pokemon at his side. Not even Randy's, as the ball had either washed up elsewhere, or not at all. Poor elecktrike... He hoped the pokemon was ok. He slowly sat up, panting softly and retreating to the shade of a tree. This was bad. His bag was on the ship, he had no pokemon, and he was totally out of his element.

"YEOW!!" he screamed as he collapsed, his ankle hurting greatly. And... he had apparently broken his ankle or something. Bah. He looked around. It was a small island. He vaguely was reminded of a movie he had seen... What was it called? Bah. Either way, why was he thinking about movies? He should be scared out of his mind!

"I can't panic. IfI get scared I'll probably die." he said softly to himself. He moved his leg and touched his ankle gingerly with his right hand, whincing with pain. Didn't seem broken, just sprained. Oh well. He tried to think of stuff he needed. He could sleep on the ground, as this was the tropical south, very warm this time of year. But what if he was stranded here days? Weeks? Months?

Fine. More time then. Maybe I'll figure out who D is finally.

Still, no reason to worry. He was a patient person. Time held no terror for him, never had. He could stay here years, and while he would be bored, he would be ok. Still, first things first. Water. Fresh water. Sea water dehydrated you more than it give back. So... He needed to find fresh water. He slowly got to his feet, limping into the trees.

Sir Quincy Marley
Randy Greyson Jr.
On a boat!

Quin looked around. The espeon was on the ground, mewling in pain, the stupid arrogant boy was leaning against the side of the boat, cradling his arm, and everyone was staring at them. Time to step in.

"Good show! A fine performance! Young man, come with me!" he said, picking up the espeon's pokeball and returning him, then taking Randy by the arm and roughly pulling him down the corridor into his magnificent room. He sat Randy down and gave him an annoyed look.

"What are you, an idiot? You are absolutely unbelievable!" he said, his accent pushing through in his annoyance. Randy snarled and swung his good arm at the older boy, who easily caught it and twisted it up behind his back. He took Randy's other arm, quicklyseeing it was broken and simply josteled it, causing the boy to cry out in pain.

"Do not think you can solve everything with violence. It won't assist you now. Idetest the thought of it, but if you continue to push me I shall use my own pokemon to restrain you. You have none left,and do not make the mistake of believing Arcino is my strongest pokemon` AGH!" he howled as theespeon burst from his pokeball, and used Psychic on him, dropping Quin to the ground.

"Oh like that? Good job Espeon." Randy said triumphantly. Esper hissed at him next.

Quin sat up and placed his hands on one o his own pokeballs, then looked at the espeon curiously.

"He knows that I'm his master now. That bastard stole Elecktrike from me, so now I own his pokemon." Randy said

"Oh, I get this one. An eye for an eye? Is this Babylon? Is that really how it works? Please. If anything then that espeon is free. Not yours, or mine. By all means, you are wlcome to try and capture him with the pokemon you don't have." Quin said, getting back to his feet. He felt weird... Something in his mind, trying to get his attention, but it was fading. Esper rolled his eyes ad blasted him again, harder. Quin gasped and fell to the ground, collapsing.

"I am sorry, but you are too hard headed. My human is still alive, stop talking as if he is not."

Quin gurgled, and lay limply, hurt from thepsychic attack, though it seemed to be his only way of communicating. Esper meowed apologetically, then looked at Randy as he stood over Quin and grabbed the ball, returning Esper.

"Humph, you know nothing. So shut the hell up!" he said, walking out of the room.
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