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Species: Bidoof
Nickname: Bill
Shiny: Yes
Trait: Simple
Level: 5
Gender: Male
IVs: 14/31/31/31/04/30
EVs: 0/254/252/0/0/4
Moves: Quick Attack - Aqua Tail - Curse - Return

Description: Year after year, the other Pokemon made fun of the Bidoofs, calling them all weird looking and weaklings. But this newborn Bidoof had barely been born, but he already had enough of it. This year, Bill would show them. He would show them that through hard work, anyone could become great… then he’d come back and whip them around the Day Care Center. He worked hard to increase his muscle mass. He exercised daily to the laughter of the other children, but this only made him want to work harder. When the year was over, he had gained a considerable amount of Attack and Defense…. for a level five that is. He then proceeded to show the other Pokemon his superiority over them, only to see them cower in fear. “This wasn’t what I had wanted” he thought. He just wanted to be accepted, so instead of working out all the time to intimidate the others, he decided to do what no other Bidoof had thought off, he decided to talk to the others. “Hey, I’m sorry if I scared any you off, I… I just wanted to be accepted” he said to the cowering Pokemon. The others looked at each other with confused looks, they had no idea how much it had hurt Bill when they made fun of him, they were just young children after all. With a smile and a lesson learned for all that were there, they went outside to play and had a great year together in the end.

Legality Analysis:

I hope this horrible story of mine fufills the requirements for the description.
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