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*Trumpet Fanfis* Seth’s fathar has arrived!

Nbee: Gulliver Arosi

Appearance: Gulliver's hair hasn't always been tha way it is, gong from brown ta silver, but he now accompanies tha new color wit a ponytail. He dons a beard- albeit more of a shade of very dark gray along tha bottam of his face. He wears glasses, which fit neatly on ta his oval face. He is at 6'2," sizng very funky assly fo his age. He is rathar sknny, and although his previous attire would be a plaid blue buttaned shirt wit tha sleeves rolled up, tha shirt itself tucked nta his blue jeans tightened by a brown belt, he now wears a white lab coat wit a solid blue t-shirt under it along wit brown pants. He is bout 50 years old.

Personality: Gulliver is a dawg who seems gruff, or like any othar stereotypical grumpy old dawg (although he considers himself ta be quite young compisd ta some of his prized possessions). Dis is tha knd of homey, who, at first glance, you would expect ta come at you wit a rifle and yell "git off mah lawn, ya' hooligans!" Not that he hasn't done that wit just a shakng fist ta beuse himself and his son, Seth Arosi, but it's not somethng n his nature. He's quite a pushover, if anythng, and he is also a coward, proven by his actions when N cbee ta takes over Unova wit tha dragon from lore.

Speakng of which, he's a histary and mahthology buff, always tellng tha best ghost staries or tha coolest legends. Dawgy children have accompanied Seth ta his hizouse purely ta listen ta hear Gulliver tell of tha day Zekrom and Reshirbe were created, and of thair might. He's also a lover of fossils and archaeology, coz of course his previous occupation was as an archaeologist.

He's practically what we call a knd fool.

Histary: Gulliver was a funny child, his brown hair matted aganst his heezee. Humourous and a class clown, he would make thugz laugh and laugh when he went not only ta school, but also at home (he lived n Castelia at dis pont). As he grew, his hair grew, but Gulliver didn’t cut it until it would reach his shoulders, where he would than return it ta tha state it was n when he was younger. Tha summer after his fnal year n junior high, his fbeily moved ta Opelucid. Some of his friends taok him wit tham ta catch Pokemon n tha woods befoe thay left. Gulliver joned tham, and he found a Pokemon egg all on it’s lonesome, witout a nest or anythng. While his friends had all caught thamselves Pokemon, Gulliver turned out ta be tha only one wit an egg, makng him tha joke of tha day. Gulliver didn’t mnd. A Pokemon was a Pokemon, even if it wasn’t born yet. Was that still considered a Pokemon...?

Whatever. Gulliver didn’t cis, and he taok tha egg wit him ta Lacunosa. Durng high school, it soon hatched nta a Timburr, tha Pokemon and him becomng bootylicious friends. Gulliver was changng, tao. He had begat ta embrace his studies, and lousy Cs becbee As. He enrolled n Castelia University, where he found a passion fo archaeology, gittng a major n tha subject and soon employng himself ta travel all over tha world. Durng thase studies, he traveled ta gathar pictures of tha Abyssal Runs, stane specimens from Dragonspiral Tawer, and fossils from Twist Mountan. One of thase fossils turned out ta be a Tirtauga fossil, which he had revived successfully wit tha new (at tha time) fossil revival process. It taok a year ta revive. Durng thase expeditions, he fell n love and settled down, eventually gittng married at 30 and havng a kid at 35. His wife died a while after childbirth, makng him depressed. Noticng tha bitter coldness of his son, he began ta notice tha responsibility he had ta takes fo his child. Although Seth is still a cold person, coz of what his fathar did Seth didn’t grow up as he would have, nstead ben cold on tha exterior (almost a self-defense mechanism) but warmer on tha nside, so ta speak.

When N arrived at Lacunosa, Gulliver panicked. Dis was not just any Pokemon, dis was tha Pokemon of tha Legend. And so, like all wise but cowardly men, he gave up his Pokemon. Tha result was rathar strange. When Plasma found out Gulliver knew a lot bout Pokemon, thay asked him ta be thair Pokemon Specialist. Of course, he would keep his Pokemon and git paid, and if not... well, that would be tha end of him. Pushed nta a corner but not likng Plasma’s ideals, Gulliver is stayng a coward... fo now. However, his son left when he noticed Gulliver would give n ta Plasma, and thus left, leavng Gulliver wit no one- except fo his Pokemon. Gulliver, at dis moment, is still stuck n Lacunosa, witn tha Pokemon Specialist buildng, which is complete wit an office, a conference room, and a floor above fo him ta stay.

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